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Reading: In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell

This piece from 1932 argues that we should not invest our improvement in productivity into producing more and more goods with the same long work hours but should change work life so people have more free time.
Russell states that this lesson became very clear in WWI, where workers were able to easily enjoy a good living standard and produce a big surplus for the war.
So what has happened since then?

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Travel posts & stuff

Reading: 28 things I wish I knew before I started traveling at The Art of Nonconformity

Some tips on travelling. Also check out my post at Into the Wild!

also: Unconventional Ideas and A brief guide to World Domination on the same blog.

Reading: Before I die

Interesting Art project with participation from the general public – want this in my city!

Reading: How deaf people think

About the developement of speech and it’s importance for thinking

reading: The difference between your eyes and your camera

Reading: How I Screwed Yasser Arafat out of $2mm (and lost $100mm in the process)

Holy sh*t! o.O

In Spanish, It’s Not Your Fault

reading: Facebook connections visualized

A facebook intern rendered this wonderful picture from connections in their data base. The only thing I think he got wrong is the meaning of the word “friendship” in facebook context… but then it really seems the Americans are awefully quick with calling someone their friend, and just about as fast with losing them; it’s not the very possibly life-long connection that takes years and years to form it’s over here in Germany. Meh, whatever, it’s still a nice image.

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Reading: Blog Post by Paul Graham – speech to High School students

Reading: How to get coaching from your professor