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Reading: In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell

This piece from 1932 argues that we should not invest our improvement in productivity into producing more and more goods with the same long work hours but should change work life so people have more free time.
Russell states that this lesson became very clear in WWI, where workers were able to easily enjoy a good living standard and produce a big surplus for the war.
So what has happened since then?

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Looking at: Pixar Online Library

Tons of Ressouces on rendering etc.

Ashes and Snow

Interview with Gregory Colbert on Al Jazeera about the exhibition Ashes and Snow.

reading: Sailing Ondine
This guy is on a year-long trip around the world with his family and a boat. Great photos!

How to lucid dream

Sabbath Manifesto

Reading: Sabbath Manifesto

-for downtime from the net-

Hacker News

reading: Hacker News

Not quite sure what this is (the “Who are we” explains they are start up investors), but this page gives an interesting range of comments and short texts about net topics

c-base berlin

looking at: C-Base in Berlin (parts in German)

What the ..? o.O A nerd community in a basement in Berlin, reconstructing a crashed starship in there. Looks like a cool project..

Photography inspiration

Looking at: Yeondoo Jung’s website

Yeondoo Jung is a Korean artist who takes wonderful photos. On this page you see the series “Wonderland” where the artist takes pictures after the drawings of children – the results are great, very dreamlike and unreal. Check it out!

Wonderland 09 by Yeondoo Jung
(picture from website)

Looking at: Solargraphy

Take an image over several with a small pinhole camera and observe the changes to the path of the sun.. the author of this site is happy to send you a kit for taking the image and then receive it back for developing.

I wonder.. he’s a Finn living in Helsinki, maybe living that far from the equator leads to a more observant attitude towards the sun?

Solargraphy Example

(image from the Solargraphy website)