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your representatives at work

Looking at: Parliamentfights

Finally, a compilation of all the fights that go on in the world’s parliaments! It seems no democratic country is immune, really. o.O



Reading: Power Problem at Toshiba Chip Plant via Interdependency

Apparently a power drop of 70 milliseconds can cause a loss of 20% of the flash storage production over two months. That’s just… wow. We seem to rely on very frail systems here.
This really should be changed, considering how unstable the world is.. even the climate of the last few centuries fluctuated a lot, let alone things like normal extreme weather situations or just social changes. If all it takes to loose a big part of production is a tiny power drop we could be in big trouble one day. At least our vital systems like food production are more stable – I hope…

edit 17.12.2010: The recent snow falls (just some snow, goddammit) in Germany have lead to a near break-down of transport. Some gas stations are out of petrol. It’s really the same situation here, the systems are not build robustly. This should be changed!

reading: Hey from Japan

This blog is about moving to Japan with a family and contains great stories and photos, plus it’s quite well written. :)

reading: Facebook connections visualized

A facebook intern rendered this wonderful picture from connections in their data base. The only thing I think he got wrong is the meaning of the word “friendship” in facebook context… but then it really seems the Americans are awefully quick with calling someone their friend, and just about as fast with losing them; it’s not the very possibly life-long connection that takes years and years to form it’s over here in Germany. Meh, whatever, it’s still a nice image.

reading: Sailing Ondine
This guy is on a year-long trip around the world with his family and a boat. Great photos!

too late here

Reading: Blog Post by Paul Graham – speech to High School students

Reading: How to get coaching from your professor

Reading: Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Price speech, read in his absence.

Reading: Anon to use different tactics

This message talks about stopping the DDOS attacks and using the energy to go through the Wikileaks cables to get all the info there is out of there and to everyone – might be a better approach, really.

The whole net dynamics turn out to be very interesting in total here. Somehow it feels like one of those alternate reality games, which, as far as I know, have been mostly used for marketing up to now. Some parts of the whole thing seem to feel like a game to some, too; but at the same time this clashes with what people who live in the real world (and maybe corporate net parts) only think..

Mr Slow

Reading: What it feels like to be stupid

If there was a safe way to try this, everyone should! (How does it work the other way around though..?)