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Today I bring to you another really good webcomic (had a lot to do with defending myself against math papers lately, sry.. )

Megatokyo Header

MEGATOKYO by Fred Gallagher

In Megatokyo we read about the story of two guys, Piro and Largo, who find themselves stranded in Japan through somewhat strange circumstances (like booking a flight and spending all money for merchandise in Japan, not leaving any money for a return trip). While both are into computer games, Piro also likes dating games and Largo plays more violent games; both play adventure games. It’s quite funny to see how their view on things and on Tokyo corresponds to this. ^^ Add a lot of other people like two very different voice actresses, a robot girl, a magical girl, a ninja or a hamster working as a concience and you might get a rough idea what Megatokyo is about..

But better check it out for yourself! You find some of those elements in a lot of comics, but rarely are they so well drawn so well, have such a working storyline or make so much sense in their own special way!

Megatokyo’s style is a mix of manga and american comics (as far as I can say) and the artist is improving constantly still. Updates are proclaimed to be three times a week, but I’m not sure whether that’s right anymore.. anyway, you can expect one to three new pages a week.

I own all the books and I know why!

Presenting Megatokyo: http://www.megatokyo.com