Reading: Power Problem at Toshiba Chip Plant via Interdependency

Apparently a power drop of 70 milliseconds can cause a loss of 20% of the flash storage production over two months. That’s just… wow. We seem to rely on very frail systems here.
This really should be changed, considering how unstable the world is.. even the climate of the last few centuries fluctuated a lot, let alone things like normal extreme weather situations or just social changes. If all it takes to loose a big part of production is a tiny power drop we could be in big trouble one day. At least our vital systems like food production are more stable – I hope…

edit 17.12.2010: The recent snow falls (just some snow, goddammit) in Germany have lead to a near break-down of transport. Some gas stations are out of petrol. It’s really the same situation here, the systems are not build robustly. This should be changed!